Car Financing


 Basis for pricing  Fixed rate for different tenures
 Financing limit  Up to 100,000 (USD)
 Finance Tenure  Up to 3 Years
 Type of Vehicles to be financed  All types of Vehicle

Security / Collateral Requirements:

  1. 10% security deposit for loans less than 30,000 USD.
  2. Terminal benefit (Pension) as Security for (Salaried Individuals)  
  3. Original Copy of Title Deed (Qabala of Immovable Property) or any collateral acceptable for Bank. (Self Employed)
  4. Loans over 30,000 USD – Properties are mortgaged in Bank’s favour.


  1. Personal guarantee by 1-2 Gov. Employees. “Salaried Individuals”
  2. 1-2 companies or business entities or any other Guarantee acceptable for the Bank for Self Employed.