Bi'al Murabaha Product Requirement Commercial and Industrial Financing

To obtain financing from the Islamic banking department, the customer must submit the following documents and agree to the following conditions:


1: Company license

2: Copy of the Company Article of Association (AOA)

3: Copy of ID cards of the president, deputy and shareholders of the company

4: 2-years Audited Financial Statement by one of the bank's affiliated companies

5: 3-year Projected Financial Statement

6: Submitting an official request on the company's letterhead with the signature and seal of the president/vice president of the company

7: Approval of the shareholders (Board Resolution) for obtaining financing and investment and introducing a competent person to sign all the financing and investment documents for the deal with the bank

8: Last 12 months Bank Statement

9: Company History or Profile

10: TIN of company

11: List of suppliers customers (sales and purchases) with supporting documents

12: List of Sister Companies

13: Guarantee of associates

14: Personal guarantee of shareholders to pay debts from personal assets if the company is unable to pay its debts

15: Any type of copy or transfer of documents obtained from the bank must be approved by the relevant official

16: Providing collotral as registered mortgage in court of law

17: Providing a color copy of the proposed property register titled deed on loan/facility requested letter

18: Signing the memorandum, contract and all the documents required for the Islamic banking of the Bank-e-Millie Afghan.

19: Providing Property Evaluation Report of proposed property as collateral against requested facility real by an approved company which should be in Bank Panel List.

20: Agreement to register information in the system (public registration and maintenance) PCR and CCR of DAB.

21: The customer's obligation to repay according to the repayment schedule, and in case of default or non-payment on time, the customer's agreement to introduce the file to judicial and court for force recovery.