Financing of Apartment/House/Land and Building materials

In order to obtain financing from the Islamic banking department, the customer must submit the following documents and agree to the following conditions. In addition, the mentioned terms and conditions are arranged and enforceable according to the financing and investment policy dated 06/13/1401, Committee No. 8 of the Islamic Banking Sharia Board:


1: The customer must have Afghan Citizenship

2: The customer's age should not be less than 18 years and not more than 55 years. At the time of contract expiration, the customer's age should not be more than 65 years.

3: Inexistence of customer debt from other institutions (banks and financial institutions)

4: The service period of government and non-government employees is not less than 2 years and not more than 30 years.

5: The period in the current work of companies and shopkeepers should not be less than three years.

6: Companies and shopkeepers must have a legal license to operate.

7: Companies and shopkeepers must submit financial reports and bank statements to the bank for at least the last two years.

8: The client's current residence address must be officially confirmed by the relevant district attorney.

9: The financing period is maximum 5 years and based on the approval of the committee.

10: The minimum monthly net income of the client is 60,000 Afghanis or 800 US dollars.

11: Annual provision rate: 5% fixed annual percentage (9.2% based on the declining balance formula).

12: The measurement of financing is considered from the monthly salary and other income of the customer up to 42%, of course, in the case of companies and small and medium institutions, 20% of the total annual sales or 40% of its annual provisions are considered.

13: The Sharia deed of the apartment is accepted by the bank as a sale bank, and it can obtain the Sharia deed in its own name and keep it until the financing/investment is settled and the sale to the customer is made based on the customary deed.

14: Customers can leave a sharia deed (which is at least 612% of the financing value) to the bank under the guarantee of the bank in the form of a legal sale. .

15: In case of the customer's death, according to the Civil Law, Chapter on Inheritance and Inheritance, according to Article 6337, Paragraph 0, his heirs have the responsibility (debt) of settling the remaining financing installments.

16: The customer must check the legal and legal documents of the property in every respect and choose the property for purchase.

17: The house/apartment and the land that is purchased must have a Sharia deed and it is done only in areas whose map has been approved by the municipality.

18: The amount of (300) Afghani is charged for checking the indebtedness (PCR of the customer and guarantors).

19: During the delivery of the application form, the customer must have the original ID card and the guarantors with him and at the same time open an account with the general management.

20: Minimum financing from 20,000 US dollars to 250,000 US dollars or its equivalent in Afghani.

21: Cash guarantee (10)% is collected from customers

22: The income of family members, spouse and children can be measured in income together