Bank-e-Millie Afghan

Internal Audit Department

Bank-e- Millie Afghan (BMA) has a strong, independent and full-fledged Internal Audit Department which is accountable and following a reliable reporting procedure to BMA Audit Committee and Board of Supervisors. 
BMA Internal Audit Department is providing an independent and objective assuring service to the Board of Management and Board of Supervisors and it is headed and managed by Chief Internal Auditor.
Internal Audit Department consists of sixteen well qualified, experienced and skilled auditors at Head Office. Internal Audit Department is carrying its activities through its risk based Business Strategy, annual work plans and action plans which cover below areas, 
•    All Head Office Departments,
•    City Branches 
•    Provincial branches and 
•    All other functions of the bank
The aims of the Internal Audit Department is, to assist and support the bank in meeting its goals and objectives by bringing  a professional, disciplined and systematic approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the internal control procedure, risk management methodologies and governance processes.
Internal Audit Department provides formal consultation services to BMA Board of Management and Board of Supervisors, and formally the audit department has included the section of conclusions to give recommendations to Board of Management for further improvements and corrective/remedial actions.