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تجارتی پورونه
Islamic Banking
حمایت از تجارت وصنعت
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Deposit Scheme

  Fixed Deposit
  Saving Accounts
  Current Accounts


Secure and save money transfer.
Western Union

Fund Based Facilities

Working Capital Finance
Term Loans
Consumer Loans

Non-Fund Based Facilities

Letters of Credit  
Bid Securities
Performance Guarantee
Advance Payment Guarantee


BMA International transfers
BMA Transfers to outside 
BMA Transfers to inside 
BMA Transferring to branches of bank provinces
BMA  Transferring to provinces through the BMA branches
BMA Transferring from Da- Afghanistan bank & other Ccommercial Banks

Islamic Banking 

BMA Murabahah ( buy and resale)
BMA Mudarabah ( Partnership)
BMA Musharakah (Jointly undertaking the services)
BMA Diminishing Musharakah
BMA Ijarah (Leasing)
BMA Istisna (Manufacturing)
BMA Qarda-e-Hasana (Current Account)
Islamic Banking


Online Babnking
Exchange Rates
Currency Selling Buying
USD 64.95 63.95
EUR 73.73 71.63
GBP 98.94 96.14
 Last Updated-13-Oct- 2015           

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