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Deposit Scheme

  Fixed Deposit
  Saving Accounts
  Current Accounts


Secure and save money transfer.

Western Union

Fund Based Facilities

Working Capital Finance
Term Loans
Consumer Loans

Non-Fund Based Facilities

Letters of Credit  
Bid Securities
Performance Guarantee
Advance Payment Guarantee

Islamic Banking

BMA Murabahah ( buy and resale)
BMA Mudarabah ( Partnership)
BMA Musharakah (Jointly undertaking the services)
BMA Diminishing Musharakah
BMA Ijarah (Leasing)
BMA Istisna (Manufacturing)
BMA Qarda-e-Hasana (Current Account)


 Exchange Rates
 Currency  Sell  Buy
 USD  58.22  57.32
 EUR  64.16  62.06
 GBP  87.02  84.22

   Update Rate 25-Mar-2015


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